DJ Pete Not Bombs


Pete Not Bombs is not only a super talented DJ and pianist, he’s also a sound engineer regularly traveling across the UK & parts of Europe creating sound and lighting installs.  Pete Not Bombs has a lot of genuine enthusiasm when he delivers his DJ performances and has so much grace when he works on the production of sonic installations!

Pete Not Bombs also has a lot of history and experience working in theaters, weddings, plus festivals and club events across the UK since the early 90’s.  For all of these events he’s either working on the production of the overall event within a creative team from the build of the event to the delivery of the show, or he’s playing his wild and wonderful DJ sets which always have a unique groove.

Photo by Nye Spy photography

Pete Not Bombs has an extensive collection of vinyl and digital releases and loves to DJ with Funk, Soul, Disco, Reggae, Rhythm &Blues, Rock n Roll, Ska, Hip Hop, Dub Step, Jungle, D&B, House, Breakbeat, Balkan Gypsy, Highlife, Cumbia, Salsa, Mbaqanga, and Global Bass.

When Pete’s playing with bands he’s either on the decks mixing in beats live with the musicians, or playing the piano with a new orleans, ska, blues, funky jazzy flex.  It’s always high energy with a tribal rolling beat, including soulful vocals and adlibs.

Pete Not Bombs has been working in the music industry for nearly 20 years now, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down, his love for music just seems to grow everyday!  Pete is always listening to music, and spends hours searching for fresh material from all over the globe.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to have Pete Not Bombs on the Divine Sounds team!  He always moves seamlessly through his work, and is always ready for any eventuality with big smile and a lot of humour along the way! | 07970 215 535

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