Emma and Durbs Wedding Celebration

Emma and Durbs Wedding Celebration

Festival Wedding dj – Emma and Durbs celebrations were extremely colourful and rootsy.  The venue was a field on Mapperly Farm, Derbyshire.  The couple decided they wanted a Festival Wedding, with a carnival feel, lot’s of color and vibrant music!!  There was a marquee in the field for dining, relaxing and the reception, and their ceremony was in the woods, underneath a big green parachute, with live music and a fire pit.  Their ceremony was unique filled with the words and sentiments Emma and Durbs wanted to share with each other and their guests.  Everyone was involved during Emma and Durbs Ceremony and the celebrant from the Humanist Society was brilliant at delivering their ceremony.  The day was filled with crazy fancy dress, my favorite was a hat which was a cormorant sea bird. Divine Sounds had created a custom playlist for during dining which was 3 hours of noises such as the dawn chorus, leaves in the wind, pigs eating out of a trough, crows, owls and wolves howling in an evening imaginary scene, with the odd peacock call squeezed in.  The guests seem to love the natural playlist we had created. The Hot Diamond Aces one of my favorite bands performed, and afterwards Thirsty Ear DJ’s took over the dance floor (Thirsty Ear for fantastic Festival Wedding DJ’s).  I go to a lot of weddings to install our equipment with Divine Sounds, and I do remember the cheese was exceptionally special at this one !  We also linked up with Prime Tiger, another PA company in Sheffield to install the equipment and manage the day.  We enjoy teaming up with Prime Tiger, thanks Sam!

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