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Multicultural Weddings are fast becoming a beautiful sign of the generation we live in, where people from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds are unified and celebrate the connection of marriage with fantastic gatherings brimming with diversity.

Divine Sounds have become the UK’s leading Multicultural Wedding and Event Specialists.  In the Divine Sounds multicultural wedding blog, we would like to share our stories of multicultural wedding celebrations we have featured at, share suggestions and tips on how to plan your entertainment, and share brilliant articles from Multicultural Wedding Blogs!!

The Divine Sounds team have been in the arena of DJ & performances, providing various sound & lighting installations, and delivering multicultural entertainment management for over 18 years! We have hosted numerous club events, festival areas and stages, featured at a host of multicultural corporate events and been a part of or organized a variety of charity and community events.

Our team is so good at fusing different cultures together through music, as we are a team with members from all over the globe, who have extensive experience within the music industry.  We are a collection of people who are DJ’s, VJ’s, Producers, Live Musicians & Sound Engineers, and when we combine all of these skills together, we can really create an inclusive and friendly gathering for all to enjoy.

Divine Sounds feel it’s been a fantastic journey watching how in the last 20 years in UK and globally, Multicultural Weddings have been evolving and breaking the molds.  Divine Sounds have witnessed first hand how couples, families and guests from all backgrounds are choosing new ways to fuse and theme their multicultural wedding entertainment to cater for everybody. We strongly feel we now live in a generation so much more accepting of multicultural unions. Divine Sounds feel this new era of multicultural weddings & fusion of cultures should be embraced and explored.  Through our experience Divine Sounds strongly recommend especially at Multicultural Weddings to incorporate as much music as possible into the different sections of your big day!  You can really enhance the experience for all of your guests to feel included and thoroughly enjoy themselves through music they hear!

For example, many multicultural couples are now having a traditional civil ceremony, a separate multicultural wedding ceremony, the use of the wedding venue grounds for a few hours during the day for a drinks reception, and there is a section in the evening for dining and reception entertainment.  If your having a multicultural wedding celebration, there are so many opportunities throughout the day to chop and change the different styles of music people hear and encounter.  This can be a playlist or a performance by live musicians or the DJ’s.

To fly though some ideas for example, at your Civil Ceremony you could have 5 songs playing as guests arrive into your Civil Ceremony, when the groom waits for his bride.  These arrival songs could represent the grooms background and culture.   During your Multicultural Wedding Ceremony, you could have instrumental Asian music bubbling in the background during your ceremony with a priest.  When guests leave the wedding ceremony to the drinks reception, live music or a playlist with music from another genre, style or culture can welcome guests into this new section of day.  Dining is another fantastic opportunity to play such a diverse playlist of songs.  We encourage couples and advise you can literally play such an extraordinary playlist during dining.  If you would like a FREE 20 minutes consultation with Divine Sounds regarding your multicultural wedding entertainment do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you!

Have a look at one of our favorite Multicultural Wedding Blogs, Divine Sounds have carefully selected, which may help you during the planning of your own celebration!  Secret Wedding Blog has fantastic stories from a variety of interracial and multicultural weddings!
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