The Globologist

The Globologist

This mans got skills, and has been DJ’ing various styles for over 15 years!  The Globologist has performed on Sheffield Live radio, club events JuJu Club, Dubcentral, Feedback to name a few and many festivals such as Sharrow Festival, Shambala, Womad, Peace In The Park, Dronfield Fest, Diversity Fest and Mamawe events.


The Globologist has a rich musical history and took to music at an early age. He learnt to play the keyboard and eventually began making his own beats on an old Amiga in his teenage years. This early understanding laid the foundations for taking to the turntables mixing jungle and trance, which in turn drew him out to the legendary NY Sushi, a drum ‘n’ bass event he attended “religiously” for a number of years.  He made it to the semi-final of an NY Sushi DJ competition, calling himself ‘Venja’ when he plays drum and bass. Soon other legendary events like ‘The Tuesday Club‘ wanted him to play and Venja supported some fantastic event line ups with TTC! He then joined a drum and bass event called ‘Feedback’ in 2003 as the night’s breaks resident after a hiatus from the dnb scene, but Venja was pulled back to the genre, which had now fractured into a myriad of new styles and approaches.  Reaching the last ten in another competition – this time hosted by ATM Magazine – he was praised for the variety of styles he was able the throw into the mix without threatening its overall flow, a skill that was no doubt supported by his love of a wide variety of music.

Venja can be found regularly warming up for some of the biggest names in the drum and bass movement at ‘Feedback’, which in the last few years has brought drum ‘n’ bass stalwarts like Raiden, Black Sun Empire, Phace, Total Science, Mental Power, Fierce and Loxy to the Steel City.

The beautiful musical skills that Venja possesses have now evolved into so many other styles of music he’s always loved and combining them together with ease.  Calling himself ‘The Globologist’ who mainly mixes beats that are all things global, from Balkan Beats and Cuban Hip-Hop, to Afro-breakbeat and Indian Drum & Bass…The Globologist also features at club event JuJu Club, Sheffields longest running promotion of global and fusion bands and beats, and Mamawe event hosted by the MULEMBAS D’AFRICA!

Check out some of his music whilst your having a browse of our Divine Sounds Website called Globology Volume 1!

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